1 - Tension and Conflict in the Old Regime

Tensions and Conflicts in the Old Regime - [not finished yet]

french-revolution-2.jpgFrance in the 1700's was governed under the structure of a "Divine Right Monarchy" - where absolute political power was invested in the King, who was believed to have been given his divine and absolute power from God. Laws and customs from medieval "feudalism" still remained in the political and social structures during this time.

During the time prior to the Revolution in France, this structure, also referred to as the
"Ancien Regime" or the "Old Regime", was facing many tensions and conflicts that ultimately led to its demise. Most of these conflicts and tensions were brought upon by the regime's own errors, hypocrisy and corruption, and surfaced during the period of "The Enlightenment" whereby society itself was beginning to question the social, religious, political and economical structures held within their country - to which the "Old Regime" could not explain nor defend.

The causes of the French Revolution are still under much historical debate. However, here is a table of the know tensions and conflicts within the
"Old Regime", which ultimately led to and caused the initiation of a Revolt against the monarchy:

image from: https://park204.wikispaces.com/file/view/french-revolution-2.jpg